How do I view my case status on my federated?


How do I view my case status on my federated?


Federated Wireless gives Customers and Partners the ability to check case status and engage directly with Federated Wireless Support on an open case once you have logged in to my federated.

To receive case status and provide case information:

  • Log in to
  • Select My Cases in primary navigation and select a case to view
  • Case state and assignment status information will be displayed in the Case Details section and within Federated Wireless Support messages

Case status email updates will also be provided to the contact who created the case and to contacts on the Case Watchlist. Registered contacts on the account who receive the email may select the case link in the email to access more information on my federated or reply to the email to provide information.

Once a solution is proposed by Federated Wireless Support, you will need to Approve Solution on my federated in order for the case to be closed.