What quiet zone rules specifically apply to Table Mountain?


What quiet zone rules specifically apply to Table Mountain?


The below rules apply specifically to the Table Mountain quiet zone:


  • For the Table Mountain Radio Receiving Zone, the FCC:
    • Designated Table Mountain as an always active single point DPA
    • Requires advanced coordination with NTIA/ITS for CBSDs around Table Mountain
    • Defined Coordination area for CBSDs with different grant sizes:
      • The table below outlines the Coordination Area around Table Mountain quiet zone Reference Point:

CBSD Category

# of Channels

Coordination Distance (Km)





1 (BW <= 10 MHz)



2 (10MHz <= BW <= 20 MHz)



3 (20MHz <= BW <= 30 MHz)



4 (BW >= 30 MHz)



      • Each channel corresponds to one 10 MHz frequency range. Any partial frequency range within 10 MHz is also considered one channel.
    • If the CBSD is located within the coordination area:
      • The CBSD user / operator may coordinate their operation with the NTIA/ITS.
      • Upon obtaining coordination, the CBSD user / operator must present the terms of the coordination to the managing SAS.
    • The managing SAS may accept the coordination, and if it does, it shall follow the terms of the coordination, subject to the obligations the SAS has to other protected entities.
    • For a CBSD located within the specified coordination distance:
      • If no coordination is presented to the managing SAS, or the SAS does not accept the terms of the coordination, the managing SAS may authorize the Grant request if:
        • Total interference from all of that CBSD’s grants to the QZ reference point
    • ** Transmissions above received on this 1800 acre site shall not result in:
      • Equivalently,