Customer Onboarding

The Customer Onboarding Guide introduces customers to the essential first steps in getting started with CBRS on the Federated Wireless Spectrum Controller (SAS). This guide outlines what documents are available from the Knowledge Base to guide operators in configuring your CBSDs for connecting to the SAS along with how to get initial support from the Federated Wireless Technical Customer Operations (TCO) team. Customers who have someone in their organization who has already become certified as a CPI will be able to onboard more quickly. Refer to the attached Customer Onboarding guide for details.


New customers must enter into a commercial agreement with Federated Wireless before receiving an account on the SAS. Once the commercial agreement has been executed, FW’s TCO team will set up your primary SAS Administrator user account and your primary user account on

You will also receive a welcome email from the Spectrum Controller providing a URL link to the SAS GUI and your SAS GUI user ID. You must log in and change the password within 14 days or your SAS GUI account will become invalid.


Once your account has been validated, the primary SAS Administrator for your organization can: