How is a case closed on my federated?


How is a case closed on my federated?


Federated Wireless gives Customers and Partners the ability to engage directly with Federated Wireless Support to resolve and close a case on my federated.


To close a case or review a proposed FW Support solution:

  • Login to
  • Select My Cases in primary navigation and select a Case to view
  • If Federated Wireless Support has proposed a solution that is acceptable, select Accept Solution to automatically close the case




If the case no longer requires Federated Wireless Support, you may close the case by sending a message to Federated Wireless Support and then selecting Close Case.

  • Updated Case State will be displayed in the Case Details section.


Once a solution is proposed by Federated Wireless Support, you will need to Approve Solution in order for the case to be closed.


Cases cannot be reopened once Closed.