Federated Wireless Value Proposition: Uncompromising Excellence

Uncompromising Excellence

What We Do

Shared spectrum frees up 150 MHz of mid-band 4G/5G spectrum at a very low cost. It is being allocated in a way that facilitates usage in traditional models by carriers, and in new applications such as private wireless networks. Access to the spectrum is provided dynamically in real-time through a spectrum controller.

Our Product

The Federated Wireless Spectrum Controller combines scalable cloud-based software with a robust, redundant sensor network that enables government and commercial users to securely share spectrum. Over 60% of the commercial shared spectrum networks in use today run on the Federated Wireless Spectrum Controller, a hardened and highly available carrier-grade solution with an unsurpassed feature set.  We have the only nationwide ESC network in place, giving full access to 150 MHz of spectrum coast to coast.

Our Partners

Federated Wireless has a mature Partner Program that’s been in place for several years. With over 40 partners covering the who’s who of radio equipment providers, we pride ourselves on our open and neutral approach to the market. We provide both hands-on and automated training and support so that partners can get up and running quickly. What this means for customers is that testing and integration have taken place at our expense, not yours, so that deployments can happen quickly and cost-effectively. We provide an online training course for Certified Professional Installers so that partners, customers and system integrators have a one-stop shop for deployment readiness.

Our People

Removing friction from every aspect of deploying shared spectrum is what we’ve been about since day one. A critical element of removing friction is to provide our customers and partners with unparalleled support. Whether you’re delivering a 4G/5G network that is the core of your business, or you’re an enterprise or utility using shared spectrum for mission critical applications, our Operations team will give you the assurance that your business is at the top of their minds. From training and onboarding through spectrum planning and early stage trials to commercial deployment, our CTO and Operations teams will work side-by-side with your team. We commit to our service through Service Level Agreements, and we keep those commitments through a 24x7 NOC to investigate and resolve any network issues.

Our Promise

The world is watching as we embark on this shared spectrum journey together.

We are laser focused on making your shared spectrum deployment a success because we understand the impact our joint success will have on the future of the wireless industry, not just nationally but internationally. We commit to uncompromising excellence as we contine to develop our Product, our Partners and our People.


To learn more about Federated Wireless, please visit https://federatedwireless.com/